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The best thing about having a passion for good food is making a healthier choice by only sourcing organic ingredients. This is what I love most about creating wonderful and delicious food. With the great alternative to food preservation and packing technology, we can make food without the need of adding any preservatives. The pastries are not only fresh but longer shelf life and less wastage for our products. Our clients can receive our products with peace of mind.

MasterChef had been interviewed by food magazines such as "Yum Yum Magazine", "Healthy Da Jia Jian Kang", and feautured in Astro "1 day 5 meal" and China largest TV Channel CCTV.  


Pivian Liew


We believe that the ingredients we choose to produce our food make a big difference, which is why we source only natural ingredients to create healthy products. None of our products contained any preservative, colouring, or additive, and no chemicals are used to enhance the food we created.

Excellent Customer Service

We have professional and dedicate staff who will provide service support that can be both tailored and flexible.

Wide Selection of Products

We offer you a wide selection of high quality and innovative products, from bread and croissants to pastries and desserts.

Furthermore, we also provide a variety of F&B Equipment and Machinery ranging from mixer, oven to freezer and more.

State of The Art Factory Facilities

Our factory houses a full range of production equipment from automated laminating lines and dough sheeters, computerised ovens to metal detectors, deep freezing, production plant of 25000 sqft packaging equipment.

Levain Group Founder & Host of China CCTV

Preview of Master Chef Eric Wong being featured @ China CCTV - the largest channel in China